Making-up workshops

With more than twenty years’ experience, ManuDECOR INTERNATIONAL’s making-up workshops have a highly qualified and responsible personnel used to working for important and urgent projects, and to comply with the agreed dates of delivery. We guarantee the quality and finishing of our making-up service.

  • Curtains
  • Bedcoverings
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Drapes for theatres, conference halls, casinos, cruise ships
  • Table linen
Customized making-up of curtains

All curtains produced in our workshops are customized : each curtain panel is marked on the header tape with the corresponding room number , floor and indication ‘right’ or ‘left’ , in order to re-position them in the correct room after each wash.


All the materials used in the making-up of curtains are meant for industrial use products:

  • Trevira Comfort Security (CS) flame retardant fabrics
  • Trevisa CS industrial use heading tape
  • Sewing thread highly resistant to multiple washes
  • Trevira CS Class 1 flame retardant fibre thread
  • Anti-rust hooks (do not stain the header tape of the curtains).
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