ManuDECOR INTERNATIONAL S.L.® is manufacturer of the BED-Sofa®, a versatile product designed for hostelry in general, timeshare, holiday and rural apartments, rest homes for the elderly, geriatrics, hospitals, children’s daycare homes, collectivities and cruise ships.

Bed sofa

It stands out for its innovative concept, which aimed at a product highly profitable, practical and making use of high technology. We started developing it already twenty years ago to solve the problems of “bad sleep” and reduced space, as an answer to the needs of the clients. The success of the BED-Sofa® lies in a continuous work of investigation and improvement. It has become a star product for important chains of hotels, timeshare resorts and holiday apartments in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and India.

All our models are easy to open and close, and of great resistance. They are made of ecological , first class materials, and the guarantees are from 2 to 7 years. The materials which form the “soul” of the sofa - interior, back, bed and seats - and the structure of the polyurethane bed-mattress are fully recyclable products according to the ISO 1400 standard for the protection of the environment. They are non-toxic, anti-allergic, anti-mite mattresses, of an outstanding recovery and flexibility. These characteristics make them also most suitable for ‘industrial’ use. Our models have fully removable covers which facilitates their maintenance and durability. The MDI Group has opted for a new dimension in comfort, based on the use of new materials, beautiful and honest and transmitting new sensations.

The BED-Sofa® is a product registered and patented by ManuDECOR INTERNATIONAL S.L. (patent nr 200.102.146) . It is the result of a lifetime’s professional research to solve the problem of “bad sleep” caused by the convertible sofas, famous for their lack of comfort. We found the solution by developing a new concept, the BED-Sofa®, which the perfect product designed specifically for the hotel industry and the vacational accommodation.

In the course of twenty years, and in close collaboration with floor manageresses and hotel directors, we continuously improved the BED-Sofa®. This is a product which gives full satisfaction to its users because it is the ultimate answer to bad sleeping. The reason why we chose to call it BED-Sofa® is that it consists of two fixed beds, one overlapping the other, and equipped with a mechanism which allows for an easy opening and closing. When open, the users have at their disposal two very comfortable beds, and when closed, it turns into an equally comfortable sofa. Our BED-Sofa® differs from the traditional sofa-beds in that it consists of two real beds and its mechanism makes it possible to open them automatically and independently from each other. The mechanism used guarantees a great stability and comfort, and complies with the guidelines for sleep by the Spanish Association of Beds (ASOCAMA).

The BED ROBUST® is a trade mark owned by ManuDECOR INTERNATIONAL S.L. (patent nr 9700937) and is another product specifically designed for the vacational tourism. It consists of two fixed beds of 80/90x190 and 200 cm which are converted into a set of twin beds at the same level, becoming to real beds. This product solves the problem of “bad sleeping” and of lack of space. We developed the BED ROBUST® as an solution to a particular need in timeshare.

In our product catalogue you will find BED-Sofas®, sofa-beds, folding and convertible beds, armchair beds, pouff beds as well as folding and collapsible bunks. We design and personalize exclusive models for our clients.



Cama sofá

Within the concept "When space is a luxury", ManuDECOR has incorporated to its products, BEDS specially designed to save the maximum space possible.  To view the full range of pull-down BEDS, a micro-site has been created with all necessary information.

Visit our micro-site of PULL-DOWN BEDS

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