ManuDECOR INTERNATIONAL S.L.® is specialized in decoration with flame-retardant fabrics, technical and industrial textiles and upholstering fabrics for intensive use.

Flame-retardant fabrics (Trevisa Class 1)

We work in collaboration with the best textile manufacturers, and the materials used by us comply with the current legislation referring to protection against fires in public buildings. The flame-retardant, or non-inflammable fabrics Trevira CS comply strictly with the NBE-CPI, the “ Basic regulation in building: Measures of protection against fire in public buildings”, called Class 1 in the current legislation. Decorative flame-retardant fabrics are an element of innovation, security and comfort. At the end of each project, the clients receive the obligatory textile classification documents as well as a certificate of all the fabrics and the complements used in the project.

At ManuDECOR, we want to keep you up-dated and informed, in order to acheive this, we recommend reading the following documents:

  • Advantages of TREVIRA CS
  • Fire Classification Regulations

  • Technical and industrial fabrics for intensive use

    ManuDECOR INTERNATIONAL offers the best solutions with its ample selection of technical and industrial fabrics:

    • Water and stain repellent Teflon® and Scotchgard® fabrics
    • Non-shrinkable fabrics for frequent industrial laundry
    • Fabrics that incorporate nanotechnology in its microfibres : mosquito repellent and odour-absorbing, even giving off a refreshing scent of lavender.

    The technical fabrics are easy to maintain, washable, ecological and long-lasting.


    Washable traditional fabrics

    The washable traditional fabrics used in textile decoration with a polyester content between 60-80% are a guarantee that the fabrics will not shrink . In ManuDECOR INTERNATIONAL we have 7,000 collections of fabric samples for curtains, net curtains, bedspreads , covers, cushions and furniture upholstering.


    We give conference talks to advice our clients how to do textile cleansing and maintenance, and supply them with written information for the technical maintenance staff.

    In our own making-up workshops our experienced personnel makes curtains, drapes for theatres, bedcovers, quilts, duvet covers etc. to suit the highest standards of quality. The assembly and installation teams are also greatly experienced, receive continuous formation and are fully at the disposal of the client.

    Our clients receive technical and legal advice referring to the basic regulations in public buildings (NBE/CPI/96) as well as complete information about the cleaning and maintenance of the fabrics. ManuDECOR INTERNATIONAL’s company philosophy is its full commitment with the clients, their complete satisfaction and a full guarantee of the finished product.

    ManuDECOR INTERNATIONAL S.L.® is associated with the Tourist Board of the Costa del Sol , the Technological Institute of Textile (AITEX) and the European Organization of Timeshare (OTE). We are recommended by the Association of Hotel Owners’ on the Costa del Sol (AEHCOS) , the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Vacational Apartments (CEHAT) and the Association of Andalusian Hotel Directors (AEDH-Andalucía).

    We give conference talks about the cleaning and maintenance of technical fabrics as well as written information to the technical maintenance departments of hotels.

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